Accountants in BC

Choosing an Accountant in British Columbia

Looking for a great accountant or CPA in BC? When choosing a competent accountant there are a few items to consider. Unfortunately anyone that offers accounting or tax services can call themselves an accountant. Fortunately for the BC public Canada has a recognized accounting body that specializes in training professional accountants.

The Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of BC evolved out of a merger between the Certified General Accountant and Certified Managerial Accountants of BC. Now, BC along with all of Canada has a Nationally and Provincially recognized Accounting body. Choosing an accountant that is not recognized as a CPA can be dangerous, especially if you’re trusting him/her with your small business accounting or tax preparation and planning.

For those that require additional cross border tax expertise you should seek a Canadian CPA with additional credentials in the US and experience with cross border taxes.

Outlined below is a list of recognized CPA accounting firms listed by City and region. For more information about each individual CPA visit the respective CPA website:

Victoria BC

Phil Hogan, CA, CPA, CA (Colorado)
200-1137 Yates Street
Victoria BC, V8V 3N1

Hutcheson and Co. LLP CPA
200-1137 Yates Street
Victoria BC, V8V 3N1


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